Museum Of The American Indian Design Competition

This is an unbuilt project that was presented to the Museum and the Port Authority of New York. The site is a landfill pier just south of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn shore. I proposed creating an “island” from the landfill, extending out to the pierhead and separated from the shore by a narrow canal whose bottom would be 3 feet below the high water mark. It would be an island at high tide but connected to Brooklyn at low tide: visitors could witness this twice daily transformation.

The Museum building would be surrounded by parkland and connected to the mainland by bridges at the intersecting streets. The East river would be brought into the site through multiple rivulets. Also proposed were an outdoor stage and a ferry terminal. It would be a place of contemplation and recreation.

The site had great historical significance to the original Native Americans and this new “island” would stand in magnificently appropriate juxtaposition to the commercially oriented South Street Seaport complex on the opposite shore.